Mud & Blood

It may sound like a strange title but it is quite amazing how the mud from which the pond is made and the bloodline from which the Koi came from, can have such a remarkable effect on how the Koi develops. The connection and similarities that both the mud and the blood have are inextricably linked; we may never have had one without the other.

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The Loulan Story

There have been millions of Koi bred since the first strangely coloured carp was discovered in the mountains of Niigata in northern Japan two centuries ago, but during the Summer of 1976 one very special Koi was about to hatch from a very special spawning.

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Atarashi Sumi & Baby Sumi

One of the first things that almost every new Koi keeper struggles with is the difference between Showa and Sanke, well if you have mastered this difference then read on, if not go to a different article, as what follows will just confuse you even more!

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