In Search of Something Different

You have probably read many times about this and that breeder and what is the latest in-vogue Koi Farm. The problem is, all these articles are always aimed at the go Sanke varieties (Showa, Sanke, Kohaku), Now don’t get me wrong these three varieties are my top trio but after being in the Koi industry for over 15 years this is, as in the words of Tom Jones ‘ its not unusual’! , in fact it‘s the norm, the longer you’ve been doing Koi the more go-sanke you buy!

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Koi Homework

There are many differences between Japan and the UK not only in our languages but also our cultures and considerable differences in the way we view and buy our Koi. Buying Koi is obviously a simple process, you hand over your money and take home the goods, but it is how you make this decision where the differences really occur.

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Japan To The UK

The question I’m often asked by people new to Koi is ‘where do you get your koi from and how do they get here?’. To me this seems a strange question to ask as it is something I take for granted. Many people new to the hobby and some more experienced have very little idea of what it takes to bring a koi from a Japanese breeder’s pond to a ‘for sale’ tank in the UK. I will try and give you a short insight as to how the koi make their way half way around the world as quickly and as stress free as possible.

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The Koi Ladder

During the last few years the number of people keeping koi in the UK seems to have grown rapidly, there are now more Koi keepers than ever before and many of these are on various steps of “the Koi ladder”.

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Under The Skin

A few years ago, the editor of Koi Carp Magazine accompanied me to Japan. During the course of the visit witnessed the harvesting of many Koi that I had been growing on at various farms all over Japan. One Koi in particular at Oomo Koi farm in Niigata had developed very well, infact the Koi was stunning in every department. It was decided that the Koi was good enough to be entered in Japans second largest Koi show, ZNA All Japan Koi Show.

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