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Aeration and Oxygen in Tropical Koi Ponds


The key factor that controls the Dissolved Oxygen ( D.O) concentration in ponds  is the solubility of Oxygen in water.   Oxygen has a hard time dissolving into water and the amount that can be dissolved is heavily influenced by temperature.

The maximum amount of oxygen that water can hold, at any given temperature, is called the saturation point. It's a bit like dissolving sugar in a glass of water…at a certain point no more will dissolve because the water is “saturated”.

The saturation point of cool water is almost double that of warm water meaning cold water can hold twice as much Oxygen as warm water. Naturally the maximum amount of oxygen that can dissolve into warm Caribbean ponds is therefore dramatically less than in cooler climates.


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Appreciation, what to look for

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our hobby is searching for new Koi to add to our collections. Naturally everyone is looking for something different but all the same there are many, many similarities in the Koi that we all like and strive to find. What criteria each of us applies to possible candidates for our new acquisition will depend upon our personal likes and dislikes and also will differ according to what we wish our new Koi to achieve for us. Are we looking for a Koi to grow on and to watch develop or are we looking for a Koi to enter into a show in the near or not so near future. All such requirements will affect our possible selections. However whichever requirements that we wish to meet there are, obviously some criteria that can be applied to all and any possible potential purchases.

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One aspect of Koi understanding that is still far from accepted even when it is understood is the importance and relevance of individual bloodlines. It is fair to say that unless you fully understand the importance of bloodline then you can never really understand Koi at all. The bloodline of a Koi and the traits of that line can and do make very significant differences as to what you can expect from the Koi in question.

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Hikarimoyo / Metalics

Koi with metallic lustre are often some of the first fish bought by newcomers to the koi keeping hobby and it is the lustre and the brightness of these types of koi that when first viewed have great appeal. There are many different types of metallic koi and each year the koi breeders in Japan seem to invent a new one to add to the list, the most popular varieties of metallic koi are Ogon, Kujaku, Ki Ki Sui and Yamatonishiki. The classification of metallic koi falls into two categories. The first being the Ogon and the second being the Hariwake.

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Wholesale Koi Sales
  The key factor that controls the Dissolved Oxygen ( D.O) concentration in ponds  is the solubil...
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